Yejun Wu





  1. An aspiring experience designer and photographer.

  2. A globetrotter who used to live in Suzhou, New York, London and Hong Kong.

  3. A second year UX Design master student at UC Berkeley School of Information.

  4. An art lover by blood. 👩🏻‍🎨

  5. A girl always curious, always smiling and always on the road.

Norway, March 2017

Norway, March 2017


In 2017, I graduated from New York University with a Bachelor degree in Art History and Quantitative Economics. Having worked at a number of art scenes ranging from Gagosian to Artnet, I decided to shift my career from advocating for the voice of artists to advocating for the voice of users. My interest in HCI is a natural collision between my analytical skills and my aesthetic sense.

Currently I'm studying for my Master’s in Information Management and Systems (MIMS) with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction at UC Berkeley School of Information. While I am passionate about how technology can help solve problems for people, I am particularly interested in defining problems, and translating the understanding about people's thoughts, emotions, behavior into the design of effective digital interaction. I hope to bridge the gap between human and technology by applying user-centered perspective and ultimately craft experience that truly connects with people. 

As an enthusiastic world wanderer, I have traveled to 23 countries🌍 in the world and learned 4 languages. I also enjoy gallery hopping🎨, food hunting🍕, photography📷, flower arrangement💐 and have a deep love for puppies🐶. If you're looking for designers, have any questions about my projects, or just want to say hi, drop me a line! I'm always open to talk. 📮

News: I recently co-founded Bloom Theory SF, a local luxury flower delivery platform💐with a talented florist friend. We enjoy sending beautifully arranged bouquets and customizing flowers based on people’s needs. Chat with us now!